Pocketkey application areas

The Pocketkey access control and management system is implemented where it is needed to organize an automated passage for visitors and configure access for guests to certain areas of premises.

What are the advantages of Pocketkey ACS?

High-speed passage for visitors without queues at the entrance

Safety improvement at the enterprises: an unregistered visitor can`t enter the building

Lower staff costs: the process of visitors’ passage is fully automated; there is no need to duplicate functions by a person

Excluding the human factor: the Pocketkey system cannot be negotiated with, it quickly and correctly recognizes the visitor and works without interruptions

Creating a single infrastructure in the building

Automated visitor access control to different areas of the building.

The main applications of the Pocketkey ACS are: fitness clubs, business centers and offices, hotels, educational and medical facilities.

Fitness clubs

Automation of fitness clubs reduces staff costs, eliminates fraud and increases sales of club cards. Pocketkey combines all processes into a single system, convenient for clients and beneficial to you.

Educational facilities

The Pocketkey access control and management system provides high security while reducing your costs. The system works quickly and clearly: no queues at the entrance and no unregistered visitors.

Business centers and offices

The implementation of the face recognition saves both your money and the important time of business people. The Pocketkey ACS automates access to the building and controls the admittance of visitors to different rooms. No crowds at the entrance, even during standard peak hours.


Pocketkey automates all the routine processes for your convenience and the comfort of your customers. Free up your staff and don’t waste time of your dear clients checking documents and fill out paperwork.

Medical facilities

The Pocketkey access control solutions ensure security and privacy of your customers. Your staff is completely excluded from the clients’ registration process. All the data is encrypted and transmitted over a security protocol.