Business centers and offices

Access control and management systems in offices and business centers have been implemented for a long time.

Pocketkey installs ACS with two-factor visitor authentication technology. This fact doesnt only increases safety at the enterprise, but also significantly reduces costs.

Access Control & Management System in Offices & Business Centers

A feature of organizing passages to offices and business centers is a large flow of employees in the morning and evening rush hours. Many companies don`t allow lateness and fine its employees. It means that organizing the high-speed passages in the building is mutually beneficial and convenient not only for owners and management of the building, but also for employees and visitors.

For companies having several branches and offices in different parts of the city, Pocketkey will create a unified visitor access control system. Such an access control and management system will successfully function throughout the territory and in all buildings.

The Pocketkey ACS is implemented if it is necessary to configure access for individual visitors to different areas (technical rooms, storage facilities, archives, ticket office, etc.) or to prevent customers from entering office premises.

Why to use Pocketkey® Access Control & Management System in Offices & Business Centers?

The Pocketkey ACS automates the customer passages process and controls access of visitors
to different areas of the building. Integration of Pocketkey ACS provides:


Pocketkey access control technologies protect employees and ensure the safety of the
property: an unregistered visitor will not be able to enter the premises.


The use of two authentication technologies excludes personnel from the visitor recognition
process. There is no “human factor": you cannot negotiate with the system or bribe it.

Accurate and fast visitor recognition

A smart access control system ensures that an outsider does not pass by someone else's wristband (card). No security guard can be compared with Pocketkey system in terms of productivity and speed of work: the system takes 0.5 second to recognize a visitor.

Why to use Pocketkey® ACS in Facilities?

It is safe

Security Requirements are met
Security incidents and fraud among staff and visitors are reduced

It is effectively

Control of visitors access to different premises and creating a unified access system to separate buildings in case of territorial division of offices.
High pass rate even during peak hours.
Thanks to Pocketkey ACS, working time can be controlled.

Why do Customers need Pocketkey®?

It is convenient

The system works quickly, there are no queues for entry, no time is wasted and there are no staff delays.

It is functional

The wristband or card is easy to take with. This is a single key to different rooms.
The wristband can be used as an electronic wallet to pay for food in eating points and purchases in machines.

It is simple

Just attach the identifier (card or wristband) and look at the camera. No other effort needed!