Fitness clubs

Pocketkey offers complex solutions for fitness clubs. We develop and implement access control systems based on biometric technologies. The Pocketkey products make your club more secure, more comfortable and more profitable.

The Pocketkey® ACS makes access to the fitness club automated and excludes the “human factor”. There are no more unregistered visitors and visitors with somebody else`s card and unauthorized use of zones in the club.

Access Control for Fitness Clubs

What is the feature of access control in fitness clubs? The visitors` authentication process should be quick to avoid queues at the entrance, and clients just want to train easy in comfort and don`t want to think about safety problems.

The Pocketkey® ACS is based on two-factor authentication technology (visitor identification by means of an RFID wristband and verification using biometric data). Pocketkey uses face biometrics as the most efficient and convenient technology. This results in fewer security incidents and fraud by visitors and staff.

Why to use the Pocketkey® ACS?

No security guard can be compared with the Pocketkey system in terms of productivity and speed of work: the system takes 0.5 second to recognize a visitor. The system can`t be negotiated with or deceived.

In fitness clubs with the integrated Pocketkey ACS, the number of registered visits has increased by 15%. This means that every 7 visitors used to go unnoticed by staff (deceiving or conspiring with the reception and security staff).

Safety comes first

An unregistered visitor will not be able to enter any room. Pocketkey access control technologies protect customers during their stay in the fitness club and ensure the safety of the club’s property.

Impossible to negotiate with

Two authentication technologies exclude the staff from the visitors` recognition process.

Impossible to hand over

The smart access control system guarantees that an unauthorized person can`t pass by someone else's wristband (card).

Why to use Pocketkey® ACS in Fitness Clubs?

Why do customers need Pocketkey® ACS?

It is convenient

The system works quickly; there are no queues at the entrance.
The wristband is easy to take with. This is a single key to different rooms of the educational facility.

It is functional

The wristband can be used as an electronic wallet to pay for services in fitness bars and purchases in vending machines.

It is simple

Just attach the wristband and look at the camera. No other effort needed!