One use RFID wristbands

One use RFID-wristband is used like a part of an access control system at events, promotion parties or in hotels.

The wristband can be closed only one time – it means that no stranger can use it. Remove the wristband it is possible only by damaging the snap or cutting the wristband.

The wristband is waterproof and can be used by taking shower or swimming in the pool.

Used RFID tags: UltraLight, Mifare 1K and Mifare 4K.

For hotels

1. The wristband is configured like an electronic key to enter the hotel room. It is programmed the same way as an electronic card.
2. The wristband is always around the wrist of the guest. It means that the key will be not accidentally left in the room. Plus, if there are several people in the room, then everyone will have a copy of the key.
3. Due to different colors and individual design of wristbands, it is easy to distinguish guests from strangers.
4. Access to the hotel services can be delimited by reprogramming the chip in the wristband.

For promotion parties

1. The wristband is compatible with turnstiles what requires fewer personnel to control the passage zone.
2. The wristband is flexible programmed allowing to make zones with different access levels, for instance to divide ordinary and VIP zones.
3. Simplification of programming makes interactive installations at parties easy and involves guests more in the action.

Fee Logo Printing

Full-color printing on the band and electronic tag.

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