Design of wristbands

We produce silicon and PVC wristbands with an individual design.

The creation of wristbands with an individual design consists of two steps. The first step is developing and creating a unique moldwhich will determine the appearance of the wristbands. The second one is directly manufacturing the wristbands by pressing the blanks in the mold.

Manufacture of silicone and PVC wristbands

All wristbands are produced at our own factory in the Moscow region.

In manufacturing we use hypoallergenic, durable and safe for human health materials.

It is possible to print numbering and logos on the surface of wristbands.

Creation of wristbands


The process of creating a new wristband begins with the design. It can be developed by your designer or designer of our company.

Creating a 3D Model

Based on the design, a 3D model is created. At this stagecan be made some corrections and the appearance of the wristband is agreed.

Creating a unique mold

After agreement of 3D model it is made a program for the milling machine. According to this program, the machine grinds out a mold from a metal plate for the future wristband.


After the mold is ready we can start producing wristbands. On average, one mold is enough to produce 50,000 wristbands.

On request, we make a control sample.

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