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PassTech ZP100 / ZP200 locks

Electronic locks PassTech ZP100 and ZP200 are designed for installation on locker doors, safe deposit boxes and cabinets. The surface-mounted locks can be easily installed on doors of various materials (wood, plywood, particle boardetc.).

Locks are designed for use in locker rooms of gyms, fitness clubs, health centers, in country clubs, hotels, hotels, resorts.

Both locks have the same functionality. The only difference is the way to wake up the lock: model ZP 100 is activated by the key touching, ZP200 – by pressing the button.

The locks are opened by a simple touch with an electronic RFID-key in form of RFID-wristband, RFID-key holder or RFID-card.

Different modes for different tasks

Free locker

The visitor gets a key without a number. Then he chooses any free locker in the locker room. The locker “remembers” the key and cant be opened with other one. When opening, the locker “forgets” this key and becomes free again.

Link a number

The mode Link a number is similar to the operation of conventional mechanical locks. To each lock is suitable only one electronic key (or several keys, if required).

It is possible to set the automatic opening of the locks at the programmed time.

Electronic lock PassTech ZP100 in ACS

The electronic PassTech ZP100 lock is compatible with other RFID-systems. For example, only one electronic card / wristband is used as a key to the lock, as a pass to the turnstile, as an electronic guest card and also as a payment tool.

PassTech software

The PassTech software programs and controls the operation of the electronic locks.

Security of PassTech electronic locks

Electronic locks PassTech don`t have external mechanical parts such as a keyhole and it makes them resistant to burglary.

Each key is programmed with a unique security code according to the 3DES algorithm.

If the key is lost or stolen, there is no need to change the lock. The lock is enough to reprogram. For this, the lock does not even need to be removed from the cabinet door.

PassTech locks are fully autonomous

The lock works from 4 AA batteries. Thanks to patented energy-saving technology PassTech locks operate up to 3-5 years, depending on the frequency of use.

When the lock is not used, it “falls asleep” and goes into a low power mode. The electronic lock “wakes up” from the touch of the key.

When the battery is discharged, the lock generates a light and a sound signal. In addition to it, information about the battery charge is transmitted via an electronic key to the software package.

Batteries are not included in the lock price. However, we can offer you high-quality batteries, well-proven in operation with electronic locks, at wholesale prices.

Designed for harsh environments

The mechanism of the electronic PassTech lock is placed in the impact-resistance polycarbonate case. Fastening screws are made by injection molding, which ensures their high strength.

The locks remain functional at temperatures: from -10 to +60 Cº.

PassTech ZP100 specifications

Installation method:Surface-mounted
Front part of the lock:width 53,4 mm, length 68,58 mm, thickness 18,1 mm.
Inner part of the lock:width 98,94 mm, length 70 mm, thickness 34,98 mm.
Color:black, white, upon request
Power:4 AA batteries
Operating term from one set of batteries:3-5 years
Operating frequency:13.56MHz
Supported protocols:ISO14443 Type A/B, Felica, Mifare Classic / Ultralight / DESfire
Housing material:polycarbonate
Temperature range:from +10 to +60ºC

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