Pocketkey information terminals

Infoterminal shows the number of the locker or safe box.


Information terminal Pocketkey

Infoterminal Pocketkey allows you to find out the number of the locker or a safe box equipped with an electronic lock using a RFID-tag as a key.

Delivery terms — 1-2 weeks.

Pocketkey access terminal

The Pocketkey access terminal is a network IP controller with an integrated RFID reader and LED display. Unlike similar devices, the Pocketkey access terminal makes possible a feedback to the user due to its information display.

The Pocketkey access terminal can manage turnstiles, electromagnetic locks, barriers and other electronic / electromechanical devices that are parts of the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. The open protocol allows integrating the Pocketkey access terminal with the existing software and flexibly configuring the device’s logic for building an access control system.

Additional software is not necessary.

Delivery terms — 1-2 weeks.

Built-in screen

The controller housing is equipped with a monochrome screen that displays messages and prompts for users. Messages can be set up for your tasks.

Quick work with the database

Unlike other controllers on the market, our controller works directly with the database. Once the customer has paid for the service – the controller will already know about it.

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Technical Features

Dimensions114 х 114 х 23 mm (Length х Width х Depth)
Housing materialArtificial stone
Housing colourBlack
DisplaySingle-colour OLED display 2,7”
Types of RFID-readersMifare Classic 1K, 4/7 byte UID, Mifare ID 64byte, nUID 4byte, Mifare Plus 1K, 4/7 byte UID, Mifare Plus EV1 2K, UID 7 byte, Mifare Plus EV1 4K, UID 7 byte, Mifare DESFire EV2, 8k, ICODE SLI-X, NFC
Power supply12 V (power supply unit delivered as a part of package)

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