Biometric Recognition Solution

The Biometric Recognition Solution is a set of tools for identifying visitors by their biometric data. The Pocketkey company uses a facial recognition in its solutions. Why the “Face” and not a “Finger”? The most common biometric recognition technology of visitors is a system of biometric identification by face or fingerprint.

Advantages of face recognition technology:

  • Low error rate
  • Hygiene
  • High speed of recognition
  • Positive attitude of visitors (fingerprinting is negatively perceived by many visitors)

Face biometric verification is used to provide better control over visitors' access to premises. Biometric recognition is implemented on checkpoints in offices and business centers, fitness
clubs, educational and healthcare facilities and hotels. 

Biometric recognition solution is also used to provide a limited access of visitors to important objects like laboratories, archives and technical areas. Pocketkey ACS needs only 0.5 second to recognize the client’s face and compare it with his photography. It means that the Biometric Recognition Solution can be applied for organizing high speed passages for visitors.

What are the advantages of the Biometric Solution?

  • Highest security level and visitors access control
  • Limited access for visitors to important objects
  • Lower staff costs
  • Security incidents and fraud are reduced

What components does the Entry to the Territory Solution consist of?

The solution consists of the Pocketkey equipment:

For the better protection and more accurate authentication of visitors can be optionally used the Biometric Recognition Solution.

Options for using the Biometric Recognition Solution

Features of implementation of the Biometric Recognition There are some requirements to the face recognition photos:

  • Look at the camera
  • Face at full-face
  • Neutral emotions
  • Smooth lighting.

To use the biometric data, a company should get permission from a client. Using the Pocketkey products and equipment, the organization doesnt store the biometric data on which a particular person can be identified.

The clients face image isnt stored as a photography: it is hashed and is a set of algorithmically encrypted hash functions and it is impossible to restore the image. When identifying, the hash functions are recalculated and compared with previously recorded ones.