Self Check-in Kiosk

The Self Check-in Kiosk Solution is a set of tool for self registration without the club staff participation.

Using the Self Check-in Kiosk visitors can independently register in the system, enter their data, make appointments (in clinics), sign up for group classes (in fitness clubs) and mark their visits.

The Self Check-in Kiosk allows authenticating customers and issuing an online pass, RFID-wristband or card.

What are the advantages of the Self Check-in Kiosk?

  • Lower staff costs
  • Automation of client registration
  • Exact client data in the system
  • No human factor

What components does the Entry to the Territory Solution consist of?

The solution consists of the Pocketkey equipment:

For the better protection and more accurate authentication of visitors can be optionally used the Biometric Recognition Solution.

Options for using the Self Check-in Kiosk

The Self Check-in Kiosk from Pocketkey can be used in several ways:

  • Issue / exchange of a wristband or card
  • Clients’ registration in special programs
  • Schedule/cancel/reschedule an appointment
  • Entering (changing) information into the client card.