Access Separation Solution

The Access Separation Solution is a set of tool to control and manage access to different zones of the building.

The Pocketkey equipment allows configuring access control for visitors to different zones of the same building. For the company staff a separate access is configured depending on the need to visit different premises (technical and service rooms, storage, archive, ticket office, kitchen etc.).

Reading information from the identifier (RFID-wristband or card) the terminals allow or prohibit access for visitors. The staff shouldn`t monitor a visitor pass or permission anymore. Now it does the Pocketkey equipment.

What are the advantages of the Access Separation Solution?

  • Access control for authorized visitors
  • Automation of passages to different zones of the building
  • Safety improvement at the enterprise
  • Lower staff costs

What components does the Entry to the Territory Solution consist of?

The solution consists of the Pocketkey equipment:

For the better protection and more accurate authentication of visitors can be optionally used the Biometric Recognition Solution.

Options for using the Access Separation Solution

The Access Separation Solution from Pocketkey provides several options for using visitor authentication technologies.


Only one parameter is checked: access is granted to the visitor with a pass (wristband or card).

Face recognition.

For visitor authentication only one factor (biometric) is used. There is higher degree of verification than using just RFID technology.

Two factor authentication technology.

More detailed verification procedure: two authentication factors are applied simultaneously: RFID and biometric (visitor face recognition).