Vending Machine Solution

The Vending Machine Solution is a set of tools for installing vending machines at an enterprise. 

A vending machine is an automated machine that provides items such as drinks, ready-to-eat food and convenience goods. Sale is carried out without the staff participation.

The visitor can pay for purchases in a contactless way using a universal identifier - an RFID-wristband or a pass card.

What are the advantages of Vending Machines?

  • Lower staff costs
  • Purchase and payment automation
  • Integration into one access control system (a unique visitor identifier is an RFID-wristband
  • with the possibility to pay for purchase in a vending machine)

What components does the Entry to the Territory Solution consist of?

The solution consists of the Pocketkey equipment:

For the better protection and more accurate authentication of visitors can be optionally used the Biometric Recognition Solution.

Options for using the Checkpoint Solution

The Vending Machine and Simkomat Solution from Pocketkey can be used in several ways:

  • Sales of goods
  • Drinks preparation