Entry to the Territory Solution

The Entry to the Territory Solution is a set of tools to control and manage the entry of cars into the territory of enterprises and facilities.

The Pocketkey equipment provides access and opens a barrier for entry when using a pre-configured pass (RFID-wristband). Drivers shouldn`t get out of the car to enter the parking (to the fenced area or into the building). Data from the wristband is read in fractions of a second. Depending on the settings specified in the database, the visitor gets access to the territory, to some parking zones or to the particular place.

What are the advantages of the Entry to the Territory Solution?

  • Car entry automation
  • Control of cars entering and leaving the territory
  • Access to the territory for registered visitors only
  • Lower staff costs

What components does the Entry to the Territory Solution consist of?

The solution consists of the Pocketkey equipment:

For the better protection and more accurate authentication of visitors can be optionally used the Biometric Recognition Solution.

Options for using the Checkpoint Solution

The Entry to the Territory Solution from Pocketkey can be used in several ways:

  • Entry by vehicle numbers
  • Entry by RFID-wristband
  • Free exit
  • Entry/exit using a card and a card collector