Web Services Solution

The Web Services Solution is a set of tools for data exchange between clients and a server or software.

To manage the access control system Pocketkey creates and implements applications using the web-interface. This interface provides access to the automated management processes without installing any additional software. The web-interface is a cross-platform, which makes it easy to implement, set up and maintain the system services.

A web-service can be installed as a widget on a site. Then the customer visiting your site can independently interact with the server and other programs for searching information, recording, executing documents, payment for services and other functions.

What are the advantages of Web Services?

  • Lower staff costs
  • Automation of the process of interaction with the client
  • Online documents verification and entering information into the client card
  • Integration with the main software without installing any additional programs.

Options for using the Web Services Solution

The Web Services Solution can be used in several ways:

  • Paperwork (scanning and online checking of documents)
  • Payment for services
  • Entering and changing the client information